Find the ad which interests you and click on the “Contact by email” link  in the top left- hand corner. Complete the contact form, with your name, email address and  message. Then click “Send”.

When another User replies to your Ad, you will automatically receive a notification e-mail. You can respond to the reply by using the hyperlink provided in the e-mail. Do NOT reply directly to this e-mail else your response will not reach the intended party.  This is because the sender and return-address of the notification e-mail is an automation system.


A human detector is a randomly generated 5 character code (mixture of letters and numbers). It helps us prevent spambots from automatically uploading thousands of fake ads to our website, thereby maintaining its quality.

When you want to make your ad stand out, WinDeal allows you to do so with  “Premium Features”. There are three different ways to increase your chances of  success with your ad(s). 

  • The Ad must have a clear discription about the product 
  • Clear images and Video’s
  • Choose to list as a premium Ad along with the option of Colour and bold title.


“Premium Features” give an ad a unique look in comparison to others onWinDeal.  Therefore your ad will be seen more often, thus leading to greater success. You  have three options to choose from on WinDeal, or a combination of the three:  “Premium Ad”, “Colour and Bold Title Ad” and “Quick Sale Ad”.

The “Colour and Bold Title Ad” makes it possible for you to show case your ad with a bold title And coloured background. It gives the Ad an additional eye attention and more visitors to the Ad.


Use this option to sell your product quickly as WinDeal displays “Quick Sale Ad “ in a separate Eye catching location of the website.


You can always “Bump up” your “Placed Ad” and upgrade it as a Premium Ad. When you bump up your Ad(s), it is position in the first page of listing.

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