WinDeal is absolutely free. No hidden costs arise with the creation, modification,  usage or deletion of an ad, nor through contacting an advertiser. All features are  completely free.

OnWinDeal, you have the option to set an alert to keep you notified when new posting Are available on WinDeal.


Saved Ads is another free service for our WinDeal users. It allows you to  save ads that you find interesting on your browser and review them at a later time.  To add classified postings to your list of favorites, simply select “Save” on the  upper right hand side of the ad’s page, or on the right side of the ad on the  category results page. A second click on the star will remove the ad from your  favorites list.  You can view all the saved Ads in to your dashboard any time.

If you have problems with the Captcha code, please make sure you enable all  cookies and run JavaScript on your browser. If you don’t have JavaScript  installed, you can download it for free at www.java.com.If this doesn’t work, please try using a different browser. Make sure the browser accepts JavaScript.

If you have any questions regarding an ad, your account, or if you encounter  problems using WinDeal,
•    Use our contact form to get in touch with a WinDeal customer support. 
•    You can also use the Live chat service as well. 
•    Call our Hot Line number   018 934 903

If you are referring to a specific ad, please make sure you provide us with the ad URL  which you can find at the address bar of the browser.


 From the appropriate Login screen, click on the Forgot Username? or  Forgot Password? hyperlink for help. The information will be e-mailed to you. Note that both your Username and Password are CASE-sensitive.


First of all, please check that the e-mail address in your profile or Ad is correct. You can alternatively check  in the spam box as well 

Try writing again to the other User. To show your sincerity it is best to avoid one-liner messages.Courtesy also helps.

However, even the best message does not guarantee a reply. There are usually a few reasons for this:

  • The person is busy and doesn't check his or her e-mail very often. Be patient and try waiting at least a week.The person may be getting a large number of replies, so he/she hasn't had time to get back to everyone.
  • Your message may not have connected with the person.
  • The final point happens quite frequently, just as it can in real life. If you don't get a  reply in a week or so, try re-writing your message, possibly in a different manner. 
  • However, don't be too persistent. If you don't hear from the person after the third  message, maybe it's time to move on. There are plenty of other matching Ads out  there!
  • Please check that you have logged in with the correct Username, as you may have registered for multiple accounts on our system.  The correct Username is always sent with the notification e-mail. Our  Messenger stores all messages for 30 days, after which they are automatically purged.  Otherwise, you should be able to see them in your Inbox.


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